Power and Domination.
Bonn Center for Premodern Orders and their forms of communication

The members of the center 'Power and Domination' dedicate their research to premodern orders of rule. A special focus is on the network of relationships between the rulers and their forms of communication. Our work is characterized by a transcultural and transhistorical approach.

The center emerged from the former Collaborative Research Center 1167 'Power and Domination – Premodern Configurations in Transcultural Perspective', form 2016 to 2021 funded by the German Research Foundation, and exists in its current form since 2021.

It is located at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Bonn and part of the TRA Present Pasts and thus fits well into the research environment for the study of premodern orders of rule and forms of communication in Bonn.



Anna Kessler

+49 228 73-5383

Room 1.006



Macht und Herrschaft. Bonner Zentrum für vormoderne Ordnungen und ihre Kommunikationsformen

c/o Institut für Geschichtswissenschaft, Abteilung für Mittelalterliche Geschichte

Konviktstraße 11

53113 Bonn


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